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Saxkartel with special guest Oene van Geel in Jetstudio 6 & 7 January 2022:

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Saxkartel: new CD "The Chromatic Gardener" has been released 15th September 2020

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saxkartel 2019

Fresh air. Deep breath. Fine musicianship. Groove. Humor. Optimism. Mirth. Authentic compositional content. Surprise. Party! Watch - Listen - Listen

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Oene van Geel / Tom Van Dyck



Did you ever play Frisbee with some friends? Throw the disk, knowing approximately where it will land but really a last minute run, dive, jump to grasp it before it touches ground.

That’s the way these 3 weeks in August 2020 felt that followed Oene van Geel’s proposal to Tom Van Dyck: “What if we send each other some audio files and see what happens?”.

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Starting to cooperate in December 2015, Romek & Tom created music for a theatrical monologue of Yella Arnouts. Romek plays the cello, Tom writes the music and plays alto and soprano saxophones. Watch - Listen

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