This quartet harvests from the mutual respect for each other's music, compositions & improvisations. Listen (4tet) & here (duo)

Tom Van Dyck is instigator of bands like t-unit7, t-unit4, Saxkartel & Odds On. VD A4tetPierre Anckaert recorded in his own name the cd's Candide, Strings attached and 74 miles away.


This band invites you in a world of musical xenogamy. Piano mingles with fender rhodes. Their sound is rooted but uses abstract ideas at the same time. Their ingredients are strong 'songlike' compositions and

intense improvisations, open minds and a strong collective sense for tension & release.

In this project they get support from one of Belgium's finest drummers, Mimi
Verderame and a young - much better then promising - bass player Hendrik Vanattenhoven.


Here are the pictures made on our cd-recording, february 13th 2013. Courtesy of Johan Van Eycken.

Printable resolutions at request by mail.

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