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Mimi Verderame | Tom Van Dyck

A drummer and a sax player, that is all. A spare line-up, this intriguing duo’s challenge is to bring varied, beguiling sets of live music, sparkling with energy. “Real jazz” - in which each performance is different from the last - is what typifies their latest album, “Nowbop”.

Mimi is a well-known, accomplished drummer, yet many do not know that he is also a talented guitar player in his own right. Truly exceptional, Mimi is a musician with a special commitment to harmony and melody.

Tom plays the baritone and the soprano saxophone in this duo, as well as the electronic wind synthesizer EWI, produced by AKAI.

The two musicians share a strong interest in the role electronics can play in the process of creating spontaneous, improvised jazz. Their use of electronics, while subtle, is one of the features that sets this duo apart and makes it memorable, linking it inextricably to the contemporary jazz scene.


Their music is not simply bebop and not merely hard bop; these musicians are not limited to exercises in style. With musical development rooted in jazz traditions, it is a shared love of groove, harmony and melody that glimmers throughout these original compositions and authentic renditions of jazz standards. Audiences will find this music easy to love.


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Concert@Jacques Peltzer February 8, 2018

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Concert@Jazz à Huy July 28, 2018

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Concert Jazz@home September 09, 2018

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