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Years of mostly composing & arranging made Tom Van Dyck feel the urge to use more direct ways of 'playing together', with his first love, the alto saxophone. Reaching the point where all masks are dropped, where the senses are sharp, where the safe paths are left behind.

More room for exploration, improvisation & arranging on the spot, with full confidence that these actions will lead to unexpected beautiful results.

This mission is accomplished with a select group of musicians with whom no words are needed to share the common awareness of where the songs should lead to: the Dutch electric and acoustic bass guitar player Mark Haanstra, the experienced drummer Herman Pardon, and one of Belgium's finest piano players Ewout Pierreux, very well known for his work in the band of the south African singer Tutu Puoane.

With these musicians, Tom Van Dyck has forged a very special bond, playing with them in various settings ranging from duo's to big band. A bond you will undoubtedly experience and will be invited to take part in while listening to their music.

About 'little man, big world':
For the CD of this quartet, he wrote a repertoire bearing in mind that every piece had to be a 'song'. Instrumental, but never the less strong melodies that would be able to expose their melodic power in any context, solo to big band. And telling - with these songs - an interesting, creative and intense story, this time in a more common context of 'a rhythm section with a horn'.

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