Oene van Geel / Tom Van Dyck



Did you ever play Frisbee with some friends? Throw the disk, knowing approximately where it will land but really a last minute run, dive, jump to grasp it before it touches ground.

That’s the way these 3 weeks in August 2020 felt that followed Oene van Geel’s proposal to Tom Van Dyck: “What if we send each other some audio files and see what happens?”.

The following weeks a cascade of ideas and creativity broke the dam. Without an intention or a plan after 3 weeks they generated so much material that an album was inevitable.

Original compositions seemed self-evident, as Oene and Tom are composing and playing a lot, always one foot rooted in jazz, chamber music, groovy pop and free improv.

These 3 weeks made them totally forget the lock-down and COVID. Their online Frisbee game allowed them to unfold their full artistic potential. Their intensity had to be translated in another way then it usually does on stage or in a rehearsal. Now it happened online, but intense it was, beyond any doubt.

Oene & Tom are old friends, colleagues and former fellow-students. The last time they could work together was 1999. But they never lost contact and remained friends all this time. One of the few positive side-effects the lock-down brought them - besides all the misery - is that they found time to create new music together. Real creativity doesn’t allow itself to get boxed in by lock-downs nor pandemics.


Oene van Geel: viola, f-Quinton, trumpet-violin, cello, percussion

Tom Van Dyck: soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, EWI

Special guests:

Oguz Büyükberber (modular)

Mark Haanstra: acoustic bass




Frisbee op Concertzender bij Jan Verwey

Frisbee op Vrije Geluiden bij Aad van Nieuwkerk (vanaf 42:08)