Starting to cooperate in December 2015, Romek & Tom created music for a theatrical monologue of Yella Arnouts. Romek plays the cello, Tom writes the music and plays alto and soprano saxophones. Watch - Listen


Composing for the play inspired Tom to create more music for this ensemble of just a cello and a saxophone. The size of their repertoire grows continually since then.

Saxophone & cello are in a spontaneous encounter of jazz and classical music. Their pieces allow each player to be at their best. Romek is a classical player with a lot of experience in the classical scene and also in pop ensembles. Tom is a jazz musician who feels at home in the ‘standards’-repertoire, but who has the habit of writing original music for all of his jazz projects.

Is it Jazz? Is it Classical? Is it Pop? It is sophisticated music causing a tear to appear followed by this feeling of ‘I wanna dance’. Intense poetical moments and joy and fun are not contradictions but create a surprisingly comfortable balance.