5th May 2023: Reference Points - Points of View official album release

14th April 2023: Single release We Met Again on Spotify

17th March 2023: Single release Move & Countermove on Spotify

25th November 2022 Zennez records will release Saxkartel's newest album on May 5th 2023!

31th May 2022 Finalized the mix of Saxkartel's new album with special guest Oene van Geel at Pieter Apers' Hangar87. What a fine experience! Reliving the 2 days already 6 months ago ...

6th & 7th January 2022 Saxkartel was in Jet Studio to record their 2nd album with the same team as in The Chromatic Gardener.

Oene van Geel was our guest on the 7th January. What a fine experience, playing the quartet with viola or percussion! What a blessing to be able to work again with this fantastic person/musician!

5th September 2021 Frisbee is getting attention in the Dutch jazzpress with some encouraging reviews.

21th June 2021 Frisbee available in the CD shop.

11th June 2021 Slick Rick single on Spotify release from "Frisbee", a new album of Oene van Geel & Tom Van Dyck that will appear on June 25th 2021

28th May 2021 Kenzo Swirling single on Spotify release from "Frisbee", a new album of Oene van Geel & Tom Van Dyck that will appear on June 25th 2021

14th December 2020 with the help from the Vlaamse Gemeenschap, we will be able to finally present our album in a HQ streamed concert. We scheduled this event on 19th February at 19:30. More info soon!

15th September 2020: Concert or no concert: The Chromatic Gardener is oficially released
CD is in the house and can be ordered in our webshop ... . No better way to support us then to buy a cd.

15th august 2020: Online collaboration with an old inspiring musical best friend, composer and viola player Oene Van Geel will result in a duo CD about to appear soon.

17 May 2020: https://www.tomvandyck.eu is https now, from now on perfectly secure to write me a message or order a cd ...

4 May 2020: Our album-release concert in Rataplan 28th May cancelled definitively

24 April 2020: CD is in the house and can be ordered, a covid-19 pre-release ...

18 April 2020: The Chromatic Gardener CD is ready to be produced in the CD factory. Watch our trailer. Official release will be postponed. More info here

15 March 2020: Very glad to announce SoulFactory will be releasing 'The Chromatic Gardener' by Saxkartel

12th March 2020: The Chromatic Gardener was mixed today. Mastering and production soon

27, 28 & 29 December 2019: Saxkartel had an intense rehearsal, a concert and 2 days of recording @ Jetstudio
We were in the right kind of caring hands of sound engineer Rudy Coclet. A CD will appear somewhere in April 2020.

23th Aug 2019: Stream Nowbop album on all streaming platforms. (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music etc.)

We hope you still support us by ordering the album if you like it/if you like what we're doing.

August 2019: Finally time for some intense rehearsals with Saxkartel, we feel eager to play our upcoming concerts in september & october ...

28th May 2019: The duo album Nowbop is a fact. You can support us by buying it, thanks!

January 2019: New video's from Saxkartel here

November 2018: Recording a cd with Mimi Verderame.

29 October 2018: Reformed Saxkartel with Thomas Jillings, Bart Borremans & Matthias Van den Brande recorded 4 new tunes. Music & footage soon on youtube & this site.

24 April 2018: Renewed website online ... Feel free toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

December 2017 - January 2018

28 January 2018 All tracks are now mixed by Mimi and I put the footage my girlfriend Heidi Zwaenepoel made along to it. Watch here or on Youtube
15 December 2017 Mimi & I recorded 6 tunes in Pieter Apers' studio - Mimi on guitar & drums, me on baritone saxophone & EWI

February - March - April - May 2017:

1st May we recorded some the new edition of Saxkartel. Audio/video here

4th March we recorded t-unit5 with our Tristano project. Watch/listen here
27th February we recorded fruitfully 6 tunes with ROTOMEK, our cello/sax duo. First video published on YT and this site. Watch/listen here

14 July 2016: We recorded some of the music I wrote for a monologue by Yella Arnouts, duo's for cellist Romek Maniewski & saxophone  (me on alto & soprano). Pieter Apers made the recording. Listen here

Hello, found some recordings of my never-released-cd of Odds On, my project with Kris Duerinckx, Mark Haanstra & Andreas Suntrop. Listen here