logois jazz composer & saxophone player Tom Van Dyck's workshop. With this septet, he creates a musical ecosystem in which 7 instruments, 7 different musical opinions and his own musical story are coexisting harmoniously.

logocreates its story starting from challenging compositions, beautiful songs and strong improvisations, aiming to share a unique experience with the audience.

logois unique in its constellation: big enough to have them perform multi-layered compositions as would a big band, without losing the intimacy of a small ensemble like a duo, trio or quartet.

logoconsists of Herman Pardon on drums, Mark Haanstra on fretless electric bass, Ewout Pierreux on piano, Michel Paré on trumpet, Peter Delannoye on trombone, Fred Delplancq on tenor saxophone and Tom Van Dyck on alto, soprano & baritone saxophones & flute.

logoreleased their 1st album the wind's caress. Check out some excerpts in the Listen section. It's for sale too.

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