February - March - April - May 2017:

1st May we recorded some the new edition of Saxkartel. Audio/video here
4th March
we recorded t-unit5 with our Tristano project. Watch/listen here
27th February we recorded fruitfully 6 tunes with ROTOMEK, our cello/sax duo. First video published on YT and this site. Watch/listen here


14 July 2016: We recorded some of the music I wrote for a monologue by Yella Arnouts, duo's for cellist Romek Maniewski & saxophone  (me on alto & soprano). Pieter Apers made the recording.

You can listen here for free ;-)

Hello, found some recordings of my never-released-cd of Odds On, my project with Kris Duerinckx, Mark Haanstra & Andreas Suntrop.

You can listen here for free ;-)



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