Welcome on my website! I play alto, soprano & baritone saxophones. I also started using the EWI (Akai) in Koen Lieckens' Hit Machine, The Chris Mentens Quartet. Now I use it also in t-unit5 and the duo with Mimi Verderame.


I like composing and arranging what people - I think - call 'jazz music'. I like form, rhythm, harmony & melody, and keep on developing my ways to handle them. And I consider mysef lucky to know some very fine musicians who want to perform what I write.

This site is meant to get you acquainted with my musical projects: Duo Verderame/Van Dyck, t-unit5, ROTOMEK, Saxkartel (new edition), Tom Van Dyck/Pierre Anckaert duo & 4-tet, t-unit4, my duo with Ewout Pierreux, t-unit7, and who knows what more in the future.

Watch video's, listen to mp3's, read what press has written about my cd's (mostly in dutch, some in french), if you like what you hear, and want to support me, buy a cd in my cd-shop.

There's also a spot with stuff (exercises, transcriptions, lesson logs) I put there for my students. I call it 4 musicians only. Have a peek, grab what you like and let me know if it's been useful to you ...