Make the scale fit the chord.

I've become a huge fan of Hal Galper's book 'Forward Motion' and would advise anyone to get a copy. It is so full of valuable ideas - for me impossible to grasp all in one reading. Every time I look at it other ideas inspire me to make exercises and practise ...

One of the exercises I do a lot, and give to anyone in my jazz-class, is an exercise based on Hal's idea of 'Scalar Forward Motion'. I call it "Make the scale fit the chord"

First practice it just on one static chordtype to make yourself familiar with the concept, then on all chordtypes in all keys. Then use the idea over all kind of chord changes, it makes the most abstract chord changes sound like a pure & simple melody!

Frank Vaganée gave a workshop at Lemca's in Deurne in November 2012. Most of my students were there and had a great experience. Transcribred version of exercises he demonstrated. Very useful!



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