My collection of some basic 'big' daily scale exercises, in case you don't know what to do. All in one file, with comments in dutch, (forgive me my 'teachers' voice, they are meant to be used in my class. I call them Grote Dagelijkse Toonladderoefeningen.
Also useful if you need material to practise your articulation patterns.

Articulation patterns for groups of 4 and groups of 3 or 6 notes (to be used with the scale patterns).


Frank Vaganée gave a workshop at Lemca's in Deurne in November 2012. Most of my students were there and had a great experience. Transcribred version of the exercises he demonstrated. Very useful!


Lately I've been working and composing a lot usIng hexatonics. I have developed some exercises, I call them
hexatonics in the loop
I like practising them in all keys and in different speeds, with different articulations. You can use the schemata for any triad combination, of course ... Let me know if you like them!



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